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Happy Vibes Essential Oil Blend

Happy Vibes Essential Oil Blend

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Our organic Happy Vibes essential oil blend is crafted in small batches from cold-pressed citrus essential oils.

This easy-to-use pre-diluted formula transports you to relaxing beautiful days.
Use this blend to add an uplifting, happy vibe to your day.

The sweet and tangy aroma is reminiscent of fresh fruit peels, with slightly bitter and tart undertones. Created by our expert aromatherapist, this versatile blend of pure citrus oils transports you to relaxing sunny days.

It's typical to use this blend first thing in the morning while setting intentions for the day.


Fractionated coconut oil, organic sweet orange essential il, organic mandarin essential oil, organic lemon essential oil, organic lime peel essential oil, Vitamin E.

Weight + size

5ml in glass amber bottle with metallic roller dispenser.

What makes it different

  • We use organic olive oil because it acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin.
  • Organic coconut oil gives bubbly lather, cleanses, and adds hardness to the finished soap bars.
  • We use sustainable palm oil to create a more rigid finished bar of soap. It is also high in vitamin E, vitamin K, and magnesium and is considered a natural anti-oxidant.
  • Sweet Almond oil is used because it saponifies easily and produces a stable and conditioning lather in soap.
  • Castor Seed oil is used to give the soap bars a beautiful natural lather and big creamy bubbles.
  • We use Kaolin Clay in all our recipes because it helps retain moisture in the skin while being a gentle cleanser.

Care + use

Apply to wrists, temples, pulse points, or the bottoms of your feet. This oil blend is not intended to be perfume, so the scent will fade as soon as the oil is absorbed by the skin.

You can apply every 4 to 6 hours or as needed. The botanical properties linger on long after the aroma fades.

You can also apply a generous amount between the palms, cup them and take a few deep breaths to feel the full effect of this blend.

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